'Decoying' by Martin

“...When writing about playing vs terrans and using dropships you should

at least write some words about "decoying". I think you know what it

means to fly with your drops over a whole line of T-turrets. Massacre,
and all of your units are RIP-ed :) What I do is:
- I send 2 empty drops first to make turrets busy
- only then I commence a full scale drop attack inside NMY's base
It's not a "perfect" idea, and it works only when you know where to
land, but I think that for noobies its fun and it brings a lot of
There is a refference i made to flanking, in the terran late game tactics.
Though this is somewhat different same rules apply overall.
I have a few suggestions here as well:
1. Consider using the defensive matrix on the ship you’re making the drop with:
   -dropships havent got much hp, so with matrix applied, youll be most probably
   able do drop all of your forces before the dropship is destroyed.
2. Consider using the defensive matrix on the decoy ships:
   -when your enemy sees a dropship with matrix applied they will most certainly
   think its full of soldiers. So the enemy will most likely divert all his forces to defend himself.
3. Don’t rush! Wait untill all your enemy forces are gathered around your decoy
   and then launch your real attack.

'Terran Marine Rush' by Quack Whore

“...start out till u get 8scvs get a baraks then another one with your 7th scv

then a depot then two more scvs and then a sh|tload of marines

if u go fast enough the depot will finish just as your first barraks

made it up myself and it is the pimpest...."



A very smart way to start out the game, yet I think your economy is

somewhat damaged, my equivalent for this would be:

1. Build scvs untill 3-2,

2. At 8 control build depot,

3. At 10 control build barracks,

4. At 12 control build barracks.

Advanced economy overcomes the "sh|tload".

'Extremely efficient, yet very costly' by Louis

There is a Terran tactic that I use on Zerg on any island map that is extremely efficient, yet very costly. To start you need 3 Battlecruisers, each with fully charged Yamato guns, at least 4 drop ships, depending on the map size, each full of marines (in total 32), then another two drop ships full of Siege Tanks, and finaly 3 or 4 Valkyries to counter enemy air attack. First of all bring the Battlecruisers just outside the outskirts of the enemys teritory, scanner sweep the area ahead and slowly, with each cruiser spread out, fire your yamato guns on each spore colony, which will reduce its life drastically, and within a few more regular cruisers shots will be dead. No doubt at this point you will be met by anti aircraft units, so using your Valkyries blast them out of the sky. Now their anti aircaraft units are down, the battle cruisers yamato guns should have recharged at this pin, so proceed to anayalate any sunken colonies so that when our marines and tanks are dropt they dont have spikes up the arse. Use another scanner sweep to show the way forward, and any lurkers, then send the marines up through the base to kill any units, use siege tanks to blow the crap out of any buildings, and the Battlecruisers as powerful shots against any zerg units. Costly, and for the end of the game, but wins for me every time.



This is a general tactic, really showing what the game's own strengths are: you almost never win by massing one type of unit in the end game. Micromanagement plays a key role here. You need to be quick on your feet to synchronize all the attacks, scanner sweeps bound to keys for quick access, special abilities used to the fullest, etc. But in the end, trust me, a victory won with your head -- mixing up just the perfect group of units to counter your massed opponent, is much more satisfying, plus this usually means you did it with half the resources your enemy used.